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JCW 100 EBIKE RACK has a weight capacity of 200 LBS and the ability to hold two eBikes weighing up to 100 LBS each. With adjustable sliders, it can accommodate wheelbases up to 50'' and is compatible with all bikes and electric bikes with tire widths under 5'' in width. The wobble-free design features an arc-shaped wheel holder that provides stability and prevents movement during transportation.

The scratch-resistant design includes silicone straps and soft pads for superior protection. The foldable design allows for easy storage while the iron frame, electrophoretic coating, and spray paint finish provide excellent rust resistance and can withstand salt corrosion for up to 1000 cycles.

The JCW 100 eBike rack offers convenience, durability, and security during transport.

Heavy Duty Support 200 LBS

This bike rack with 2 separate support rods fits universal-sized tires up to 5'' wide and will haul your bikes from point A to point B safely with ease.

Optimized Foldability

This bike rack offers both convenience and durability with its foldable design, making it effortless to store and transport. 

Structural Reinforcement

The inner support junction is reinforced with 2 layers to make the overall structure stronger, and the thickness of the wall tube is increased to 4.6mm, making it more stable during transportation.

Perfect ARC Design

The Arc-shaped tire holder has stronger wrapping and better security, and the vertical anti-shaking of the tire has been greatly upgraded.


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