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Aventon Level 2 Ebike

Aventon Level 2 Ebike

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Level Up With the New Aventon Level.2

The Level.2 has only just been launched and has already been dubbed Aventon’s best eBike to date by Electric Bike Report. The Level.2 presents an exciting opportunity for Australia’s commuters by being practical, efficient, fast, & tooled up with great features that make riding the Level.2 Step Over an experience in its own right.

If you’ve been seeking an electric bike to tackle your commute, but have found the prices on the wrong side of expensive, the Aventon Level.2 is for you. You’ll find the same, if not better performance, & technology to match at a lower price than you’d expect.



The Level.2 Step Over comes with a 500W rear hub motor that can actually produce a peak of 750W. This puts the Level.2 as one of the more powerful eBikes in the Aventon Range. Riders won’t struggle for power regardless of their route.


This motor can power the ride to a top speed of 32 kph when using the throttle on its own, or 45 using pedal assist.

Hill Climb Ability

Like most of the Aventon range, the Level.2 Step Over comes with impressive hill climb ability. Not only can it get up most hills in throttle-only mode with an average speed of around 10-15kph, but on pedal assist level 5, you’ll be able to get over any incline significantly faster.

Torque Sensor

While torque sensors aren’t a new concept, this is the first time an Aventon eBike has come equipped with one. These work by measuring how much effort you are putting into pedalling as opposed to how fast you pedal, and it will dynamically adjust its power output to compliment your current riding style. It produces a ride that feels much more intuitive, natural & fluid.

Default Accessories

You can expect front fenders, rear fenders, front & rear lights, and a rear rack all as standard on the Level.2 Step Over. This means that despite the Level.2’s higher price point compared to its siblings, you actually get more for your money.


For the Level.2, the throttle has been upgraded to remove the lag found on earlier models. This makes the eBike more responsive. This throttle can also be disabled with the Aventon app, or removed entirely if required.


You’ll find a double-butted aluminium frame for the Level 2 Step Over, which gives riders exceptional stability. Weighing in at 24kg, the ride produced feels solid, and the bike feels responsive. The Step Over frame is great for those a little shorter in height or with mobility issues that make mounting the Step Over variant a little harder. As this bike is built with commuters in mind, it’s better for cyclists wearing more restrictive clothing, such as suits.

Level Up Your Commute

The Level.2 Step Over is designed with commuters in mind, and a healthy middle-ground of the Aventon range. While not as light as the Soltera, you get better hill-climb ability & more power. While not as fast as the Aventure, it weighs significantly less, and the difference in speed isn’t that much. Everything about the Level.2 has been designed to make commuting easier, faster, & more comfortable.

Solve The Commuter Conundrum

Buying a commuter eBike is hard in Australia, notably because it’s hard to know what’s a good price. Other brands produce some great eBikes but at a price point that makes your eyes water. In most cases, affordable e-Bikes make sacrifices that, on paper, seem fine, but can negatively impact your ride. You’ll lack power, or you’ll get an uncomfortable ride, or you’ll find your range limited, or you’ll get stuck on hills. To get what you want, you’ll find yourself tossing up whether $5,000 for an e-Bike is really worth it just to get to work & back.

With the Aventon Level.2, you don’t get that. You get a powerful motor that’ll never leave you wanting for speed. You get a torque sensor to give you a natural ride that compliments your ability, which is something you’ll never find on an e-Bike of this level at this price. You get hydraulic brakes, front suspension, an integrated & removable battery, and a colour LCD screen that shows you how many trees you’ve saved. And that’s not even mentioning the built-in accessories & attachments, & integrated front & rear lights

What the Level.2 represents is more than just a commuter e-Bike. It represents a relative first for Australian commuters - a top-tier commuter e-Bike at mid-tier prices, and that alone makes it one of the most valuable e-Bikes available today.

  • Product Weight
  • 62 pounds
  • Battery Charge Time
  • 4.5 hours
  • Battery Amperage
  • 14 ampere hours
  • Battery Voltage
  • 48 volts
  • Maximum Operating Range
  • 60 miles
  • Motor Power
  • 502 watts
  • Maximum Speed
  • 28 miles per hour
  • Throttle
  • Yes
  • Throttle Control Mechanism
  • Thumb
  • App Compatible
  • Yes
  • Passenger Ready
  • No
  • Electric Bike Classification
  • Class 3
  • Bicycle Type
  • Adults bike
TOP SPEED 32 kph on Throttle45 kph on Pedal Assist
MAX. RANGE 97 km
MOTOR 750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained) Brushless Rear Hub Motor
THROTTLE Thumb Throttle
BATTERY 48V, 14Ah (672Wh)Removable, Internal Lithium-ion, Samsung Cells
WEIGHT 24 kg
TYRES 27.5" x 2.1" Hybrid Tyres
BRAKES Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors
CHARGER 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger; 4 to 5 hours Charging Time
CHAIN 8 Speed
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